award winning stark design
International Design & Architecture Awards 2020 Winner

We are thrilled to be awarded WINNER of the Interior Design Scheme – Asia Pacific category in the 2020/2021 ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE AWARDS

The Gatehouse is an on-going project which exemplifies the ‘slow movement’ of interior and garden design- slowly layering a home with art and luxurious touches and wrapping the home in a beautiful garden, also designed by us. This is how we love working, building long lasting relationships and working inside and outside. 📷 @brigidarnottphotography

The design brief was to create a tranquil layered design, enveloped in beauty, inside and outside. The gatehouse exemplifies the slow movement of interior design. Our client did not want a home which was designed in a year, but rather a home which had evolved subtlety, over time. We slowly worked with vintage dealers and artisans, investing in layer upon layer of luxe design from Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. The Gatehouse is an historic Federation period home in Mosman, Sydney with wrap around verandas leading to 3 discrete gardens. Initially driven by the need to increase the size of both the informal and formal living spaces, a bedroom was removed, and the home opened to the outside.

The 1900 architecture was honoured and embellished, retaining the high pressed metal ceilings and restoring the marble fireplaces, honouring the discrete room layout but implementing interconnecting French doors so that rooms and verandas could be connected for large scale entertaining. The Garden became a feature of every room with distinct vistas, installation of garden mirrors and objet, accessibility via a wrap-around veranda and visibility through gauzy linen curtains.

The project evolved over several years with the client allowing the evolution of ideas and direction. It is also a celebration of eclecticism, the magic of acknowledging the very best of history with the very best of today’s modern accoutrements. The design is warm yet airy, sumptuous yet liveable.

A generous budget and luxurious timeline have facilitated the celebration of artists, artisans and designers from the past and present. Most importantly, it reflects the character and style of the client. Understated private elegance rings true to The Gatehouse.

The exterior and interior have remained true to their heritage but also have been modernised throughout. Cosy discrete living spaces can be opened up via a series of internal French doors to create large scale entertaining spaces. The garden is now an integral part of the home with green vistas from every room, celebrating a modernised plant palette.